career fulfilmentDid you know that happy people are in better physical and psychological health, have more fulfilling relationships and develop a deeper sense of purpose? It’s true. Since you spend more waking time as work than anywhere else, it is the place where upping your happiness can make the biggest impact. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to increase your happy factor at the office.

Here are 10 great techniques you can start using today to boost your happiness at work:

  1. Say “Thank You” Often: Grateful people are happy people. Tell others how much you appreciate them and you will get as much benefit as you give them. Think about who helps and impacts your work day positively and tell them so.
  2. Learning Something New: Schedule some time every week to learn a new skill. It can be something as simple as learning to fully utilize your office’s phone system or as in-depth as a new legal specialty. Whatever you choose, learning something new will give you a sense of accomplishment as well as make you more valuable to your employer.
  3. Appreciate the Little Things: It can be hard not to take what you have for granted. Focus on appreciating every positive aspect of your day at the office. If that doesn’t work, try skipping a luxury you are used to, like your morning coffee, for a week and notice how much you appreciate it from then on out.
  4. Enjoy Time with Coworkers: Making friends at the office is key to work happiness. Spend time connecting with coworkers to develop lasting relationships. Try inviting a new coworker to lunch or catching up with a long-term coworker over a morning walk.
  5. Get Moving: Speaking of walking, happiness is highly tied to an increase in movement. Try to take a short 15 minute walk each day. While you are walking talk to a friend, take in the beauty of your surroundings and focus on positive, joy-filled thoughts.
  6. Turn Negative Thoughts Upside Down: When you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts or having a bad day at work, intentionally shift your thinking to a more positive state of mind. If that is too hard for the current situation, change your attitude by focusing on others. Perform a kind act or show appreciation to a coworker.
  7. Set Goals: Challenge yourself by setting goals. They should be specific achievable and able to be completed in a relatively short time like one day, one week or one month. When you achieve what you set out to do, celebrate.
  8. Savor Each Moment: You may think work is something to be rushed and suffered through as a means to an end. Even work can be full of meaningful experiences to enjoy and appreciate. Focus on identifying the positive aspects of your daily work life and dwelling on those rather than the negative.
  9. Smile: As the saying goes, “fake it until you make it.” That goes for happiness, too. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly happy, smiling, laughing and acting as if you are happy can help improve your actual mood. Acting like you are happy can help to truly make you happy.
  10. Finish Every Day on a Happy Note: Take a few moments at the end of every work day to think about your accomplishments. Even try keeping a journal with these jotted down to look back on when you need a pick me up.