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Expert Witness Tips for Paralegals

Testimony from expert witnesses is utilized in a large number of cases. Experts, like doctors and scientists, are highly sought after because their testimony can make or break a case. Paralegals are usually the ones who coordinate with experts or their staff. There are a lot of opportunities for paralegals to increase the impact of [...]

Your Video Deposition Questions Answered

Legal video is essential to the modern practice of law. From the standard practice of recording depositions to the more advanced marketing benefits of online videos, legal videos are everywhere. In legal video, just like many other professional services, there are several misconceptions or questions that attorneys and paralegals have. Today, we’ll look at some [...]

Managing Your Overflowing Inbox after Vacation

You went on a relaxing vacation. You may have gone to the beach, a peaceful B & B or just a stay-cation in your hometown. Whatever the case, your vacation bliss could potentially be jettisoned as soon as you see your overflowing inbox stuffed-to-the-gills with email. Here are a few strategies to handle a week [...]

Three Summer Smoothies to Beat the Summer Heat

During the summer, smoothies can be a refreshing alternative to a heavy meal or a great way to fulfill cravings in a healthy way. Research shows that smoothies can have great health benefits, as they are loaded with vitamins and can be a really easy way to get essential nutrients. Bonus: they can be very inexpensive and [...]

HIPAA Compliance and your Court Reporting Service

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (better known as “HIPAA”) set the privacy and security rules on the confidentiality of individually identifiable information. While the primary goal of the federal law passed almost 20 years ago was to make it easier for individuals to keep health insurance, protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare [...]

Office Chairs for a Healthy Back

Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods of time can cause health problems. Aside from creating a sedentary lifestyle that can lead to a higher likelihood of obesity, diabetes, cancer and a number of other serious, life-threatening diseases, sitting 40+ hours per week at the office can cause low back pain or worsen an [...]

Prepare for Depositions Like a Pro

Paralegals are integral to the preparation of depositions. Although lawyers are the ones who ask the questions, paralegals touch every other aspect of the deposition process. You don’t even have to attend one to be a deposition pro. Follow these steps to ensure that your next deposition goes off without a hitch: Schedule the Deposition The [...]