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Court Reporting Schools in the New York Area

Just when it seems Artificial Intelligence is automating the world around us Humans are making a comeback in an important corner of the world. In the 1990’s there was movement to automate the role of the Court Reporter.  Because of budgetary cuts machines took over the role in many courtrooms but it has now been [...]

Paralegal Career Outlook

Paralegals play important roles in law offices. As the familiar saying goes, “behind every great lawyer is a great paralegal.” Also known as legal assistants, they are responsible for a variety of tasks to support lawyers, including maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research, and drafting documents. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects [...]

Court Reporters Volunteer to Preserve Stories of Holocaust Survivors and Veterans

While stenographers are most well known for their prolific use in the legal field as court reporters, they also share their talents with other fields such as government, industry, education, business and scientific arenas, as well as closed captioning for media. In addition to these many paid jobs, stenographers also volunteer their time for various [...]

Paralegal Career Outlook for NY and NJ

If you have watched the news, read a newspaper (or news website) or listened to the radio in the past seven years or so, you know that the national employment situation has looked fairly bleak. Most economists agree that the “Great Recession” started in 2008 and continued for several years. With the economic downturn, came [...]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Job Search using Social Media

Social media is used for just about everything these days, catching up with high school friends, finding recipes and clipping coupons. Job hunting is no different. According to a 2011 survey released by Jobvite, 15% of respondents said they found their current job through social media and 54% are using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to [...]

Your Career as a Court Reporter

Thinking about a career change? If you are wondering if a career in as a court reporter is right for you, read on. Stenographers are responsible for capturing proceedings word-for-word in the legal, medical, scientific, scholastic, entertainment and business arenas. These professionals are prized for their skills in record-keeping and speed. To be a successful [...]