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How to Make the Most of Deposition Centers

Deposition centers provide ready-made, ideal locations for hosting depositions. These office suites are full-service centers fully staffed and stocked with everything needed to handle depositions from start to finish. These state-of-the-art suites are perfect for depositions, mediations, arbitrations and meetings. Make the most of deposition centers on your next deposition or meeting by following ...

How to Make the Most of Synchronized Video Transcript

Multimedia presentations have become essential to today’s litigation. Attorneys now frequently rely on the power of sight, sound and motion to create lasting impressions on judges, juries and opposing counsel. Synchronized video transcript is one such type of multimedia presentation that can be used in trials, mediations, arbitrations and other legal proceedings. Diamond Reporting’s synchroniz...

What not to do in Video Depositions: Top 5 Tips

Video depositions are becoming more and more mainstream – and for good reason. Video depositions offer the opportunity for attorneys to better convey witness testimony in either trial or settlement settings. Video depositions can be presented in lieu of live testimony in certain cases, like when a witness has passed away, is ill, cannot be [...]

What to Expect from your Court Reporter

Court reporters are highly trained professionals who flawlessly record legal proceedings noting each and every word that is spoken. Because the job of court reporters is to observe and record proceedings without themselves having a direct effect on the deposition or trial, they tend to blend into the background. Even though much of their work is [...]

How Deposition Questions and Responses Affect the Clarity of the Record

The fastest way to a clear, concise record is asking carefully-worded questions of deponents. Conversely, records can be muddled in no time due to ambiguous, poorly-formulated questions or when attorneys allow deponents to answer without asking for clarification. Since all of this can have such a major impact on the clarity of the record, we [...]

Guide to Working with Exhibits

In addition to capturing the record by typing 300+ words per minute, another key duty of court reporters in depositions is marking exhibits. While it might not seem like a big deal, it can make a huge difference in the outcome of a deposition and a case. Working together, court reporters and attorneys can ensure [...]

Deposition Location: Law Office vs. Deposition Center

Traditionally depositions have been held primarily at law offices, but there’s another excellent alternative available in deposition centers. Deposition centers are full-service suites fully staffed and stocked with everything needed to handle your deposition from start to finish. Deposition centers are becoming more and more commonplace, with 17 in the New York area free of [...]

Best Practices for Working with a Court Reporter

Court reporters are trained professionals who produce a verbatim, accurate record of the words spoken during a deposition. Stenographers can accomplish what no recording device can currently do; they turn speech into text regardless of tempo, accents, garbles or mumbles. In order to do this, court reporters spend years learning the skill of writing machine [...]

Deposition Questions for Expert Witnesses

Testimony from expert witnesses is key to proving important aspects in a variety of cases. Experts, like doctors and scientists, are highly sought after because their testimony can make or break the case. This can be especially true in cases involving product liability, as many jurisdictions require expert witness testimony to substantiate a claim. It [...]