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Managing Your Overflowing Inbox after Vacation

You went on a relaxing vacation. You may have gone to the beach, a peaceful B & B or just a stay-cation in your hometown. Whatever the case, your vacation bliss could potentially be jettisoned as soon as you see your overflowing inbox stuffed-to-the-gills with email. Here are a few strategies to handle a week [...]

Email Templates Boost Productivity: Part II

In Email Templates Boost Productivity, we talked about the benefits of using email templates. If you send the same emails frequently, such as reminders, reports or requests for information, email templates will save you loads of time from retyping the text or looking for the last email you sent and coping and pasting. As proof [...]

Email Templates Boost Productivity

There are certain repetitive tasks that every professional must labor through. Often-sent emails are one of those tasks, which when automated, can save loads of time each week. If you find yourself writing similar emails regularly, creating templates can help save a considerable amount of time. Once the template is complete, you can update only [...]