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Get Moving at the Office (and on your way there)

“Wellness” and “fitness” are buzz words that are thrown around a lot. We all know it is important to be healthy and make time for being active, especially those who must sit for long periods of time (like attorneys, paralegals and court reporters). CNN gave us an even bigger reason to get up and get [...]

Breaking Unhealthy Habits at Work

Working in an office and being tied to a desk is often used as an excuse for unhealthy habits to flourish. It can be hard to be disciplined about staying fit when you spend long hours at the office, but employing a few simple strategies can make all the difference. Fitness at the Office To [...]

Office Chairs for a Healthy Back

Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods of time can cause health problems. Aside from creating a sedentary lifestyle that can lead to a higher likelihood of obesity, diabetes, cancer and a number of other serious, life-threatening diseases, sitting 40+ hours per week at the office can cause low back pain or worsen an [...]