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How to Make the Most of Synchronized Video Transcript

Multimedia presentations have become essential to today’s litigation. Attorneys now frequently rely on the power of sight, sound and motion to create lasting impressions on judges, juries and opposing counsel. Synchronized video transcript is one such type of multimedia presentation that can be used in trials, mediations, arbitrations and other legal proceedings. Diamond Reporting’s synchroniz...

What not to do in Video Depositions: Top 5 Tips

Video depositions are becoming more and more mainstream – and for good reason. Video depositions offer the opportunity for attorneys to better convey witness testimony in either trial or settlement settings. Video depositions can be presented in lieu of live testimony in certain cases, like when a witness has passed away, is ill, cannot be [...]

Who Pays for Court Reporting in Arbitration?

Having a written or video record in arbitration can be highly important for both attorneys and arbitrators. This is especially true when there are several witnesses and/or the subject matter at hand is complex in nature. For this reason, attorneys secure court reporters or legal videographers to create a record of the arbitration. Diamond Reporting [...]

Your Video Deposition Questions Answered

Legal video is essential to the modern practice of law. From the standard practice of recording depositions to the more advanced marketing benefits of online videos, legal videos are everywhere. In legal video, just like many other professional services, there are several misconceptions or questions that attorneys and paralegals have. Today, we’ll look at some [...]

Legal Videography: Myths and Facts

In legal video, just like many other professional services, there are several misconceptions. Today, we’ll look at some of the most common thoughts about legal videography and tell you which are myths and which are tried and true. Myth: Anyone can film a high-quality deposition It takes more than someone setting up a camera on [...]

Body Language: Coaching Your Clients

We all know body language is an important factor in influencing how others perceive us. A simple tilt of the head or different arm placement can convey messages (either overtly or subconsciously) to others about an individual’s mood, personality and even his or her trustworthiness. Our last article about body language decoded the meaning of [...]

Decoding Body Language

Whether you are in a deposition, trial or client meeting, knowing how to ready others’ body language can tell you much more than their words alone ever could. Today, we start a mini-series of posts on the subject of body language. We will explore different aspects of the subject, starting today with how to read [...]

Choosing a Legal Video Provider

Legal video is an essential tool in any law practice. From the practicalities of recording depositions to the marketing benefits of online videos, legal video providers deliver services that are vital to your law firm. While you could attempt to create legal video and presentations on your own using consumer or legal presentation technologies, using [...]

8 Video Deposition Tips

Video depositions create a visual record of the deposition testimony. They go beyond typical written transcripts because videos convey emotion and inflection, silences and sighs that are all lost in text recorded via traditional depositions. Videotaped depositions often become the tipping point toward trial or settlement of a case. For better results, follow these video [...]