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What is CART Captioning?

All arenas of business have acronyms thrown around, just like everyday language. Some may be familiar to everyone, such as “RX” for prescription or “SUV” for sport utility vehicle, while others are industry or even sub-industry specific and are only known well to those familiar with a particular line of work. One of these terms [...]

HIPAA Compliance and your Court Reporting Service

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (better known as “HIPAA”) set the privacy and security rules on the confidentiality of individually identifiable information. While the primary goal of the federal law passed almost 20 years ago was to make it easier for individuals to keep health insurance, protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare [...]

Legal Videography: Myths and Facts

In legal video, just like many other professional services, there are several misconceptions. Today, we’ll look at some of the most common thoughts about legal videography and tell you which are myths and which are tried and true. Myth: Anyone can film a high-quality deposition It takes more than someone setting up a camera on [...]

Advantages of Using Synchronized Video Transcript

Synchronizing video-taped deposition footage with the associated transcript can be powerful. In fact, research has proven that jurors retain more information when evidence is presented electronically. Playing a synchronized deposition in trial gives jurors the opportunity to see, hear and read the testimony, simultaneously reaching each juror on several cognitive levels. So, what is this [...]

Choosing a Legal Video Provider

Legal video is an essential tool in any law practice. From the practicalities of recording depositions to the marketing benefits of online videos, legal video providers deliver services that are vital to your law firm. While you could attempt to create legal video and presentations on your own using consumer or legal presentation technologies, using [...]

Legal Videography Services

In today’s digital world, attorneys know how important it is to use technology to present cases in a familiar and easily understood format. Whether you need legal videography support for depositions, trial, site inspections or mediation presentations, we at Diamond Reporting & Legal Video pride ourselves on providing firms with professional, certified videographers. Employing the [...]