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Tech Tuesday: Evernote

Do you use Evernote? If not, don’t fret because you are not alone. It may be one of the most underutilized, underappreciated free applications out there, but its use is growing. According to Bloomberg Businessweek in Feb. 2013, “Evernote says it has 50 million users around the world (a third in the U.S.) and is [...]

Tech Tuesday: 10 Legal Research Resources

Lawyers spend most of their time in the discovery stage of litigation, which is often research intensive. It used to be that attorneys spent countless hours in law libraries, but now technology helps them research more efficiently. If you missed the last article with legal research tips, check it out here. Today we will build [...]

Tech Tuesday: 10 Legal Research Tips

It used to be that attorneys’ only available research options were university law libraries or maintaining their own costly, space-consuming library. These days, legal research is no longer done by reading through volumes of case law or books full of local, state or national statutes. Lawyers have the option of subscribing to costly legal databases [...]

Email Signatures

Today professionals communicate via email more than any other method. That makes your email signature vitally important to your personal and professional identity. Clients and customers will see your signature more than your face and will read it more than they hear your voice, so make sure that it gives off the right impression. Email [...]

Tech Tuesday: iPhone 5s and 5c

It has been all the buzz for the past few days. Since Apple released its new mobile devices on September 20, Mac devotees and techies everywhere have flooded the internet and airwaves with their opinions of the new iPhone 5S and 5C. Studies estimate that there will be over 300 million iPhone users by the [...]

Tech Tuesday: Paperless Faxing

If you followed our Go Paperless series, you know the benefits and steps to take to reduce paper use in your office. You can catch up with previous posts: Going Paperless, Part 1 Going Paperless, Part 2 Going Paperless, Part 3 Going one step further, you can implement paperless faxing to get rid of even [...]

Tech Tuesday: Google Glass for Court Reporters

You have probably heard about Google Glass. These futuristic, lensless glasses look like something out of a sci-fi movie but are now reality. Inside the right arm of the frame are standard components of a smartphone, including a processor, 16GB of storage, a Bluetooth radio, a small battery and more. Google’s new wearable device can [...]

Tech Tuesday: Courtroom Technology

  Courtroom presentations have come a long way since the days of foam boards, easel pads and markers. Today’s attorneys have a bevy of technology at their disposal to help tell their clients’ story in court. The old tried and true techniques still have their place but the new generation of jurors demand more. Jurors [...]