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12 Summer Work Wear Essentials

The heat of summer means it is time to ditch the wool suits in favor of lighter fabric options and trade the dark solids for bold patterns and colors. As a follow up to one of our most popular posts on the Diamond Reporting Blog, Build a Professional Summer Wardrobe, here are the summer staples [...]

What to Wear to Court, Client Meetings and Events

Legal professionals have to be versatile, running from the office, to meetings with clients, to court, to networking events and more. Your wardrobe needs to keep up with your busy schedule. It is important to dress appropriately for each type of occasion. In case you have missed our previous “What to Wear” articles, check out [...]

What to Wear: The Great Panty Hose Debate

If you have been following recent posts about law firm dress codes and fashion for the legal professional, you already recognize that norms of dress change greatly over time. Right now we appear to be at a crossroads where the next item up for debate on the corporate dress code list is panty hose. The [...]

Wardrobe Essentials for Legal Professionals

Dressing appropriately in a legal office environment is important. The bottom line is that appearances truly do matter.  The way you dress can help you command respect, establish authority and convey a polished, professional image that will win the trust of supervisors, clients, opposing counsel and judges alike. Choosing the right attire reflects your sound [...]

Fashion vs. Comfort: Finding the Footwear Balance

It’s a common problem for working women: finding work-appropriate shoes that are fashionable and professional, yet comfortable. This problem is compounded for ladies in the legal field because of the amount of walking often required by their positions. Commutes to and from work on top of trips to court, meetings, depositions and the like can [...]

Dress for the Job you Want

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” While that may be ultimately true, outward appearance plays a very important role in professional settings. As a new lawyer or court reporter, it is often hard to know what to wear in different settings, like client meetings, depositions and trials. Dressing professionally [...]

Build a Professional Summer Wardrobe

One of the biggest daily dilemmas we face is deciding what to wear. If you’re most other professionals, you have closets full of clothes but still face this challenge each morning. This problem is compounded even further in the hot summer months, when temperatures can soar to 80, 90 and beyond. Summer professional style is [...]