There are many advantages of using a neutral space, like a deposition center, to hold your next depo.

Someone Else Oversees Logistics
Why worry about tables, chairs, coffee, water and snacks when you have important depo prep to do? Even when you leave these duties to your paralegal, his or her time can be better spent helping you hone in on questions, prepare witnesses and making exhibits. Instead, hold your depo at a deposition center where everything is done for you. Deposition centers are full-service spaces designed to meet the specific needs of depositions and provide the comfort, efficiency and technology today’s legal profession demands. These suites are elegant corporate environments and house everything needed for effective deposing of all parties. Diamond Reporting’s deposition centers are fully furnished and professionally appointed with large conference tables and comfortable chairs and are equipped with flat-screen HD TVs, DVD players, speaker phones, fax machines and copying machines. Other amenities include wireless internet and refreshments.

You are Free to Focus on the Deposition
During depositions held at your office, it is inevitable that you will be interrupted with office matters and issues with other cases. Holding your depo at a neutral location allows you to use breaks to regroup, adjust as needed or just clear your mind. It is far more likely that you will have the opportunity to focus on the one case at hand when you hold your depo at a neutral location like a deposition center.

Free Up Staff Time
At depositions held at your office, administrative staff would typically be charged with hosting duties. Instead of them welcoming opposing counsel, copying documents, getting lunch and refilling coffee, let them focus on their everyday job. This is a much better use of your staff’s time. At Diamond Reporting’s deposition centers, dedicated administrative professionals are on site to assist in the deposition process. Diamond assigns a receptionist/manager specifically to your group to provide any support attorneys or the deposed may require. Holding your depo at a neutral location frees you and your staff of the responsibility of hosting.

These are just a few of the many reasons to choose a neutral location for your upcoming deposition. Leave the setup and logistics to the deposition experts, and focus solely on your client and the deposition. Choose one of Diamond’s deposition centers to hold your next deposition to alleviate time and stress for you and your staff. Contact Diamond Reporting, and one of our helpful staff will answer your questions and schedule your time at one of our convenient deposition centers. Visit our website to schedule your deposition or services online.