Today we offer a roundup of articles on recent developments in Employment Law.

New York State Amends Social Security Number Protection Law

The State of New York recently amended its Social Security Number Protection Law to protect individuals from identity theft. In this article, White & Case LLP offers the highlights and what it means to New York employers.

Workers Compensation in the State of New Jersey

The New Jersey Law Firm of Robert Olkowitz explains the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act, what it means and how to file a claim.

In this article, the firm says occupational stress claims are increasing. The Superior Court of New Jersey ruled that occupational stress claims must be validated by co-workers.

Social Media and the Workplace

Social Media provides a platform for people to post sometimes unflattering (and damaging) words and photos about their workplace. Organizations and authorities continue to develop policies on allowable social media communications.

In a recent decision, the termination of an employee because of negative Facebook posts about the company was upheld. According to this article by the firm of Kilpatrick Townsend, the case illustrates the importance of including social media guidelines and policies in employee handbooks.

The firm of Kilpatrick Townsend summarizes the National Labor Relations Board’s policy on social media communications about employers.