VideoThNIn today’s digital world, attorneys know how important it is to use technology to present cases in a familiar and easily understood format. Whether you need legal videography support for depositions, trial, site inspections or mediation presentations, we at Diamond Reporting & Legal Video pride ourselves on providing firms with professional, certified videographers. Employing the most modern, state of the art equipment, we capture testimony, document evidence and present your case.

Diamond provides a full range of legal video and trial support services. Our team of highly trained videographers is available to produce the following types of legal videos:

Video Depositions
Video depositions create a visual record of the deposition testimony. This recording can be beneficial to any litigation process. There’s no substitute for seeing it with your own eyes and hearing it with your own ears. The camera captures subtleties that are absent in a written record Video depositions show every nuanced reaction and each answer or hesitation. Skilled attorneys know that this will give an insight into witness credibility, which can make or break a case.

Videos are the best way to prove inconsistency in testimony, under oath and in full color. A deposition may have been taken months or years before trial before the witness developed more skilled methods of answering questions. A video of prior testimony can provide an excellent opportunity show juries the original, unrehearsed live testimony of the same witness, which could prove to be a lynchpin in your case.

Diamond’s videographers are skilled in operating their equipment to best preserve the testimony for your case. Our attentive, customer service-oriented videographers are experienced with the deposition process and understand attorney’s needs. That’s why we capturing video and make it available quickly in formats including DVD, VHS, MPEG or Synchronized Video Transcript.

Synchronized Video Transcript
Synchronized video transcript offers attorneys one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to produce multimedia presentations for trial. It can deliver dramatic results at trial. You can create video clips in seconds and easily present them to the jury, making witness impeachment immediate.

Diamond can synchronize video testimony with transcripts of your proceeding and the combined product will appear simultaneously in split-screen. This is ideal for presentation at mediation, pre-triall conferences or the trial itself. The software Diamond uses allows for editing, clip creation, highlighting, annotations, flagging, and more.

Day in the Life Videos
A day in the life video can document the physical, emotional and social challenges your client faces in his or her everyday routine. This is an excellent way to let juries get a glimpse into the daily life of an injured individual. When you win the jury’s sympathy, you will often when their vote, too.

Diamond’s compassionate videographers are trained to handle sensitive situations with clients who are in bad shape. We will be responsive to both your legal requirements and your client’s concerns and are flexible to shoot when and where appropriate for you and your client in order to capture his or her challenges most effectively.

Video Settlement Summary
Let us help you tell your client’s story in different perspective. We can put together clips of interviews, graphics and evidence into a news style documentary that can be shared with opposing counsel at or before mediation. Chances are they will reevaluate the case once you present them with this compelling argument in favor of your client.

Courtroom Playback
Need a video played in trial? Diamond can provide and set up the technology necessary to present evidence in court. You can focus on your client rather than worrying about technology during trial. Diamond’s trained video technicians will bring equipment into the courtroom, set it up and play relevant parts of videos for the judge and jury. Witnesses can also be live streamed into the courtroom from anywhere in the world.

Diamond Court Reporting & Legal video has served the New York and New Jersey areas for over 30 years with litigation support services. We believe that every customer is important commit to provide highly trained, certified videographers for your legal proceedings.  In fact, New York Law Journal readers have voted #1 four years running because of our commitment to customer service. Contact us today to find out more about our legal video services and see the Diamond difference.