LinkedGuyAs we shared in last week’s LinkedIn post, the world’s largest professional network is a great way not only to showcase your personal talent, but also to market your business. In case you missed it, check it out here.

To recap, LinkedIn offers several features on company pages not offered on personal profiles. To take full advantage of the networking potential for your company on LinkedIn, we suggested that you:

  • Create your company page
  • Link your personal page to your company page
  • Assign administrator rites
  • Add photos
  • Write a compelling company description

Building on those basic steps, today we will explore more advanced features of LinkedIn’s company pages that will make your company stand out among the rest. Most of these ideas take no more than 10 minutes each to put into place but can make a big impact on potential future customers, employees and industry leaders.

Add Specialties
Just like on your personal profile, you can add specialties or skills to your business page. These specialties are important because keywords in this section significantly influence how your company is found through LinkedIn’s search tool. You can use up to 256 characters in the specialty section, and we suggest that you used every single one. Think about what you specialize in and what makes your company different from competitors. Before writing, look at competitors’ profiles and use the same keywords as companies you would like to appear with in search results.

Add Groups
Again, similarly to your personal profile, you can add groups to your company page. LinkedIn limits groups on company pages to three. To add a group to your company page, you must be both the company page administrator and a member of the group you want to add. Maybe there are already groups associated with your company or industry. If not, you can create a group specifically for your company. The advantage of this is that people other than your current employees can join the group, enabling you to reach out to others that would not directly fall under your company.

Add Products or Services
Listing your company’s products and services is another way to showcase what you do best. The products and services you input are displayed on right sidebar of your company page. You can also add a description, link, video and direct contact in this section. If you do nothing else, make sure that you have a valid phone number and email address listed as a contact. This allows you to gather leads directly from your LinkedIn company page – and all for free.

Update Your Products and Services Page
Different from the products and services you listed on the sidebar, the products and services page lets you customize and brand your offerings. To update your products and services page, click on the service tab and then click edit. Here you can add photos with hyperlinks and videos about your products and services. You are also able to rotate featured products or services whenever you would like.

Ask For Recommendations
After you add product and services, ask for recommendations. These testimonials from customers/clients speak volumes because they are written by objective, outside sources with experience patronizing your company. When someone writes a recommendation it will be displayed on his or her newsfeed. This helps you by marketing your business to all of the recommender’s contacts. Because you want your company in front of as many people as possible, ask for recommendations from everyone who you come in contact with professionally.

As you can see, LinkedIn offers a vast array of networking opportunities to individuals, groups and companies and is always adding new features. Next week we will look at ways to direct traffic to your company LinkedIn page from outside the social network as well as the network’s new analytics feature that allows companies insight into its reach and engagement.