SearchEvery company wants to grow their business. Law firms are no exception. In order to do that, current and prospective clients must be able to reach you quickly and easily. Thanks to technology, that’s easier than ever. Here’s a quick list of basic things to do to make it simple for anyone to contact you.

Have a website.
Sounds pretty basic, but even in 2014, there are still lawyers and law firms without a website. Having a website is as important as having an office. And if you think you can’t afford one, think again. It is now quick and inexpensive to get a website. You can do it yourself for free to $100 or so through online website builders like Wix or Google Sites. Don’t have time? Hire a freelance web developer to build and design a simple website for as little as $1,000. Since most people find and research online, a website will soon pay for itself. Read more on options for a new or existing websites on the links below:

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Include contact info on your website. Sounds like a no-brainer but there are tons of websites on the internet with no way to directly contact the business they are advertising. Include the following contact info on your website: main phone line, fax number, general contact email address like and email addresses and phone numbers for individual attorneys. This should go without saying, but make sure that all of the email address links you include on your website are in good, working order. Broken links are not just annoying; they can turn off potential clients.

Create a Google+ page. When you google a business term like, “Lawyer New York City”, you will see a list of business names, addresses and phone numbers close to the top of the Google search results page. Each of them will correspond to a lettered marker on the page’s map. Who wouldn’t want to show up there? All you have to do is create a Google+ page. To get started, visit and click “Create a Google+ page” at the top. Google will walk you through the step by step process. It should take just minutes and is free.

Add your personal information to company social media accounts. Social media is fast becoming the way a large segment of the population connects with others. If you want to be on these people’s radar, include your email address, phone number and fax number on your accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media networks. The links below contain more social media marketing tips.

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Don’t make senders confirm their email address. Anti-spam systems are great at removing emails serving as unsolicited ads for various pharmaceuticals but not so good when it comes to attorney-client communication. If your anti-spam system makes senders confirm their email address, you are sending the message that you don’t trust the person contacting you. They have to go through an extra step just to get in touch with you. Think about your interaction with other professional services. If you were looking for a new accounting firm and contacted two, one who made you confirm your email address and one who didn’t. Would you want to go to the extra effort of confirming your email address? Which do you think would get back to you first and therefore earn your business?

The bottom line? Don’t make it hard for today’s consumers to find you and do business with you. Make it easy for clients to contact you. The tactics listed above are all free or relatively inexpensive and will take a limited amount of time and effort on your part. Having easily accessible contact information and being responsive will go a long way toward client satisfaction and them recommending you to others.