Multimedia presentations have become essential to today’s litigation. Attorneys now frequently rely on the power of sight, sound and motion to create lasting impressions on judges, juries and opposing counsel. Synchronized video transcript is one such type of multimedia presentation that can be used in trials, mediations, arbitrations and other legal proceedings.

Diamond Reporting’s synchronized video transcript service enables captioned testimony to be displayed and viewed alongside deposition video. With this technology, digital video of a deposition is synchronized to the transcript to allow legal professionals the ability to access, edit and present video deposition clips with little to no computer expertise.

As an industry leader in captioned and video depositions, we at Diamond Reporting & Legal Video have put together tips to help you make the most of synchronized video transcript.

  • Involve colleagues on the other side of the country and around the world with remote video streaming of synchronized video transcript. Co-counsel can easily log on from his or her computer anywhere to view a live feed of the proceedings and weigh in accordingly.
  • During the deposition, make notes of specific pieces of video or captioned testimony that stand out above the rest. When you receive the final digital video transcripts, you can easily and quickly pull out excerpts to present in trial, mediation or arbitration.
  • Communicate with your scheduler, court reporter and videographer to tell them in what format you need to receive your final synchronized video transcript. If you use a specific program or the specific court you are in requires a certain file type, make it known to ensure that you will get your completed synchronized video transcript in the correct format and in the timeframe needed. Typically, synchronized video transcripts are delivered via CD or DVD.
  • Familiarize yourself with the video program early on so that you are comfortable using it in trials or other proceedings. Fortunately for most people, this is fairly easy because the video/transcript sync plays on your computer automatically. You won’t need to download or purchase any additional software because the file plays using media players on your computer and features common video commands and buttons like start, stop, pause and fast forward.
  • Review the complete synchronized video transcript before you present it to pull out, edit and create clips to play at the proceeding. Label the excerpts appropriately so that you know when to introduce each. You can use numbers, letters or topics to denote the clips that should accompany lines of questioning or arguments.
  • Search the transcript for specific words to find instances where the same issue was discussed multiple times. This can give you insight to compare and contract testimony of different witnesses or even testimony of the same witness at different points within a deposition or multiple depositions. The synchronized video transcript program will keep up with your word search, keeping video and text in sync as you skip around.
  • Once you find depo clips on the same subject and make clips, save them as a group or merge the clips. This will keep you from having to organize and retrieve multiple files for one presentation. Having them in one place also makes the clips easy to share via email, trial software, etc.
  • Export clips and accompanying transcript copy to PowerPoint, Live Note, Sanction, Summation, Trial Director or other software to organize it and/or tag it with other notes and evidence for the case at hand.
  • Reduce organizational stress by linking exhibits to the synchronized transcript to view video, written testimony and exhibits at the same time.

More and more attorneys are finding that juries expect multimedia presentations to be presented in trial because of the proliferation of them in daily life. One of the easiest most cost-effective ways to produce multimedia presentations for trial is through a synchronized video transcript. This tool delivers dramatic results at trial by captivating and engaging juries at a high level. It can also be a great tool to prove immediate and effective impeachment of witnesses.

Diamond Reporting & Legal video can deliver your synchronized video transcript with top-notch service and professionalism. Schedule a deposition or contact us today at 877-624-3287 to learn more about this presentation tool and see why Diamond is one of New York’s largest and most respected court reporting and legal videography firms.