LinkedIn GuyIf you have been following the advice in our LinkedIn series, you have a fantastic personal LinkedIn profile and tens, if not hundreds, of connections. In case you missed them, review the articles:

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Expanding your LinkedIn Network

Now that your personal presence is established, it’s time to take it a step further by creating a profile for your company.

LinkedIn is a powerful business to business tool. As evidence, there are over 2 million company pages on LinkedIn and members are two times more likely to recommend a company they follow. Benefits of creating a company profile include controlling your brand message, marketing to potential customers and viewing personal profiles of those who land on your page.  Also, LinkedIn company pages allow for a more corporate presence and reach different audiences than Facebook fan pages.

LinkedIn offers several enticing features on company pages that are not included in personal profiles. One killer aspect is that businesses can send updates to everyone following their company or filter updates to followers with specific demographics. LinkedIn also just added advanced analytics to their company pages which are similar to those offered on Facebook fan pages.

Let’s dig into specific steps businesses should take to start promoting themselves on LinkedIn.

Create Your Company Page
If you haven’t created your business page, now is the time. LinkedIn has an amazingly powerful search feature, and it is vital to your company’s future success that you have a way to connect to a new audience of potential customers and clients. To create your company page on LinkedIn go here.

Link Your Personal Page To Your Company Page
In your personal profile’s current work section, link to your company’s new page. This will allow you to cross promote both your company and you. This will make you show up as an employee on your business page.

Assign Administrator Rites
It is important to decide who will have the ability to and responsibility for updating your company’s LinkedIn page. Like other social networks you can have several admins. These people should work together to create a strategy to build and engage with your followers on LinkedIn.

Add photos
Unlike personal profiles, you can upload up to three different images to your LinkedIn company page. One is a cover photo similar to those on Facebook. This image should be vibrant and eye-catching. It can include a call to action or an offer. Again, like Facebook, you can change this picture often to refresh the look of your page. Upload your company logo for the remaining two pictures. This picture will appear next to employees’ work section on their personal profiles and will be shown on the newsfeed when you update your company page.

Write a Compelling Company Description
Keywords used in your description help LinkedIn members find your company among millions of others. Before writing, think about these things: What makes your business unique? What makes your business special? What is your business motto? What do you want to tell the world about your company? Use as many keywords as possible that relate to your business when writing your company description.

We have only begun to scratch the surface of the vast possibilities and opportunities for your business on LinkedIn. Our next article in our LinkedIn series will feature  tips to make your company page the best it can be.