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The trend in technology is all going towards creating a more mobile world. Gone are the days when we have to sit at home to wait for a phone call or when a delayed email response throws off your day. We can now do just as much on the go as we can in our home or office. We can call, email, text, surf the web and even video chat from anywhere.

Depositions are following suit. Mobile deposition technology makes it possible for attorneys and witnesses to participate in or view the proceeding from anywhere they have a telephone or internet connection. That means attorneys can take depositions while traveling, from home or from a remote office and witnesses can participate from another city or even when confined to a specific location.

Making a deposition mobile can be accomplished by several different means:

Diamond Reporting and Legal Video is proud to offer a new deposition service to its clients. The Diamond Cloud allows depositions to be taken from virtually anywhere. There’s no longer a need to have an internet connection for mobile depositions.  All you need is a telephone, either landline or cellphone.

There are several advantages to using The Diamond Cloud:

  • Connect from any phone
  • No internet connection necessary
  • Secure connection
  • Encrypted transmission
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Internet-connected participants can share documents and exhibits by sharing their screen with all participants using a computer
  • Space for up to 25 participants per deposition
  • Available anywhere in the United States
  • Depositions can be conducted anywhere from attorneys’ offices, to a remote location to Diamond’s own Deposition Centers

Attorneys choose to use mobile deposition services for many different reasons. Often attorneys and witnesses cannot meet face to face for depositions due to logistical, scheduling, health or financial constraints. The ability to conduct a complete deposition over an internet or telephone connection makes depositions easier and more convenient than ever. Contact Diamond Reporting today to learn more about the best mobile deposition options for your specific case and schedule your next deposition with New York Law Journal’s Best Court Reporting and Deposition Service.