After gradually increasing closed captioning, Netflix has committed to provide the service for all of its content within two years. The agreement was reached after a lawsuit was brought by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD).

According to NAD’s website:

Howard A. Rosenblum, CEO of NAD, the lead plaintiff in this case, said, “The National Association of the Deaf congratulates Netflix for committing to 100% captioning, and is thrilled to announce that 48 million deaf and hard of hearing people will be able to fully access Netflix’s Watch Instantly services.”

”We have worked consistently to make the broadest possible selection of titles available to Netflix members who are deaf or hard of hearing and are far and away the industry leader in doing so,” said Neil Hunt, Netflix Chief Product Officer. “We are pleased to have reached this agreement and hope it serves as a benchmark for other providers of streaming video entertainment.”

Realtime court reporters use their skills and translation software to provide captions of television programs such as news, emergency broadcasts, sporting events, and other live programs.