Mobile SitesIt is essential to market yourself and your firm in the legal field, just like any other business. Networking is the primary way that many think of to accomplish this.

“Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for.”, according to business coach Christine Comaford-Lynch.

The problem with networking, at least in the traditional go-to-a-networking-event sense, is that it takes time – a lot of time. You have to find networking events, squeeze them into your already-packed calendar, go to the event itself, mingle with others there, remember key facts about them then follow up with the individuals you meet in order to maintain the connection.

While many legal professionals find time in their busy schedules for face-to-face networking, for others it can seem nearly impossible. Enter technology. Today, in the age of smart phones, smart watches and internet-connected everything, networking no longer has to take place face-to-face.

With mobile devices of all kinds, content consumption, content sharing and social networking (all forms of networking) is easier than ever. Plus, many find the newest generation of mobile devices more convenient and user friendly than laptop and desktop computers. Plus, when they are always with you networking is just a swipe away.

Networking is all about relationships. Today, relationships can be easily built online, which is now mobile first, desktop second.

Mobile apps for networking are developed, improved and rolled out seemingly every day. Now, without even opening a laptop or starting up a desktop computer, legal professionals can produce, consume and share content – all via networking on social media sites via mobile apps.

Mobile- and social networking-savvy legal professionals are now using mobile devices to develop relationships built upon respect and trust with colleagues, clients and influencers – all online. More than just “toys” or “fancy gadgets”, mobile devices of today are the workhorses of business development and networking for legal professionals.

One of the simplest ways to network via mobile devices is to read and share articles that speak to you and you think would be helpful to your connections. It is said that content is the currency of relationship building, so share frequently to achieve more relationships and influence in your networking sphere.

Beyond scholarly and business articles, professionals can also share a more personal side of their lives online. Networking also involves others getting to know you on a personal level. That means that sharing photos of your family’s daily life is totally within the bounds of today’s social media networking protocol. In fact, people expect it. Seeing another side of you sans-suit can actually endear friends and business associates to you.

Gadgets that may have been seen by some in the 90s as mere fads are now an indispensable part of the legal networking picture. Legal professionals, like other business professionals, now stay on the cutting edge of technology to keep in touch with clients and build their sphere of influence with colleagues, all with face-to-face contact being optional. Networking this way saves time and lets legal professionals give others insight into their world on their own schedule.

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