Mobile is changing the way legal professionals work. A realtime translation app will soon be released and the Microsoft Surface launches today, and iPad Mini is not far away. With so many mobile options, is the PC on its way out?

New Mobile App Provides Realtime Translations

NTT DOCOMO, a Japanese company, will release an app on November 1 that translates Japanese into English, Korean or Chinese. Later in the month, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai will be added.

In addition to translating mobile-to-mobile, it can be used to translate face-to-face conversations if both people speak into a single smartphone or tablet.
When released, you can download it free of charge. It will run on smartphones and tablets with a camera that run Android 2.3 or higher.

See NTT DOCOMO’s Press Release for more details.

Microsoft Enters the Tablet Playing Field with the Surface

The Microsoft Surface launches today and Steve Kovach of Business Insider has unwrapped his new toy early. If you want a peek, see a gallery of detailed photos.

Fast Company goes “Below the Surface” in this unique article by Austin Carr on why other manufacturers did not enter the tablet race.

Are Mobile Devices Killing Desktop PC’s?

Legal professional are have officially gone mobile. Not just at home or a client’s office. They want “always on” connectivity so they can work on smartphones and tablets without a hardwired internet connection.

In the Law Technology News article, “RIP: PC”, Doug Caddell discusses virtual desktops and the future of the office PC.

More Mini News

The big mobile news of the week was Apple’s official announcement of the iPad Mini. In the Fast Company article “With iPad Mini, Apple Switches From Offense To Defense”, Mark Wilson talks about Apple’s strategic release of a smaller tablet.

Sour Apples?

Mobile is exploding, but Apple reported slower iPad sales. What’s up with that? Cecilia King of The Washington Post has an excellent take on yesterday’s announcement in “iPad sales slow as tablet wars heat up”.

According to Shane Richmond, Head of Technology for The Telegraph, Apple blames pre-release buzz of the iPad Mini for sluggish iPad sales during the last quarter in his editorial.