Twitter for LawyersThere are apps for everything these days. From apps to help you get a ride to work, to those that help you stay connected to others, there seems to be something for everyone and every need. As crazy as it sounds, there are even apps to help you interact with other apps (or websites).

This is the unique place that the Twitter universe of apps finds itself. Nestled somewhere between “I need that!” and “Can’t I do that myself?” are the numerous apps that promise to make your tweets better and your Twitter followers plentiful. Today we will take a look at a few recommended apps for computers and mobile devices that will help you make the most of Twitter, the fastest growing social network.

TwitterThe official Twitter website has mixed review: some love it, while others hate it.  Most prefer either the free OS X client or the free mobile app. Both allow for multiple accounts, tweets and direct messages all to appear in the same small tabbed window.

Buffer – This app can serve as a great resource for sharing news and information on Twitter. Users can read tweets any time (like while on the subway riding to work) and schedule tweets and retweets to be shared at a later time. It boasts an impressive dashboard where all of your scheduled tweets can be viewed, rescheduled and edited. Another feature of Buffer is its analytics tool. With this you can see the number of people your tweets could reach and the number of clicks on the links you share. Use this valuable analytics feature to learn more about what interests your followers and what they respond to best. Available in both free and paid plans, the free plan allows users 10 posts, while you’ll pay $10/month for 50 post and $99/month for unlimited posts.

Twitonomy – The free tools on Twitonomy helps you compile and analyze data on your competitors – all using Twitter. The app allows you to see what individuals and businesses in your industry are doing on Twitter. You can use the Twitonomy tools to browse, search, filter and gain insights from your followers and those you follow. The results will show you who your competitors connect with the most, what hashtags they use, what types of tweets they send out and when they tweet most often. You can use this information to improve your own Twitter performance. The free version offers all of this at the best cost, zero, but if you want more there is a premium plan available, too.

TweetDeck – Owned by Twitter itself, TweetDeck is a Twitter app for power users. The browser-based app is for type-A power users who want their tweets perfectly organized. Also, tweets of the people you follow are displayed in customizable columns to fit your specific preferences. Like other Twitter apps, TweetDeck allows users to schedule tweets and pre-plan posts, but in addition it includes one of the most powerful filters to let you cut through the Twitter noise to the tweets that are the most important to you. TweetDeck can be used with an unlimited number of accounts and is free.

We have barely scratched the surface of the great Twitter apps out there today. Check back on the Diamond Reporting Blog for more articles that will help you make the most of your Twitter life using apps.