Do’s and Don’ts for Video Depositions

Video depositions create a visual record of the deposition testimony. They go beyond typical written transcripts because videos convey emotion and inflection, silences and sighs that are all lost in text recorded via traditional depositions. Videotaped depositions often become the tipping point toward trial or settlement of a case. Video depositions offer the opportunity for [...]

Forgetting Passwords and Names? Tips to Improve your Memory

Have you ever run into a client whose name you can’t recall or forgotten a password? If so, you are not alone. We all struggle from time to time to remember simple, everyday things. Thanks to modern technology, there are a lot of gadgets and software out there to help you. You can look up names, dates [...]

Diamond Wins Two Categories in the 2018 NYLJ Survey

Diamond is pleased to announce valued clients have voted us the #1 Court Reporting Service nine years in a row – 2010 through 2018. We are also excited to win the #1 spot in the category of Video Deposition Production Service for the second year in a row. Each year the New York Law Journal [...]

Benefits of Going Paperless

The paperless office movement is growing. Today’s technology makes it faster, easier and less expensive than ever to turn your law firm from what looks like a paper storage warehouse to a sleek, modern organization. Whether your motivation for going paperless is about the saving the environment, saving money or both, every firm can benefit [...]

Boost your Productivity in 30 Days

There are a ton of articles out there telling you how to be more productive. The problem is that implementing several new processes all at once doesn’t work for most people. Kind of like starting a crash diet and intense exercise program simultaneously, it may work for a while but eventually, you will get burned [...]

Videoconference Depostions

Videoconferencing is a popular alternative to traditional face-to-face depositions because it is cost-effective and eliminates the need for expensive, inconvenient and stressful travel. While face-to-face interaction is most certainly preferred, video conference depositions can be a smart option, especially when you consider the travel cost and lost time for attorneys and other staff. The Diamond ...

Hudson Valley Deposition Centers

All seven Hudson Valley locations are video conference capable and feature fully equipped conference rooms that today’s legal profession demands. Each convenient location offers complimentary features for Diamond clients. You’ll find full telephone service, fax machines, copiers and internet access. Food and refreshments are served in depo centers. Diamond White Plains (Westchester Co.) 50 Mai...

Diamond Wins Two Categories in 2017 NYLJ Survey

Diamond pleased to announce valued clients have voted us the #1 Court Reporting Service eight years in a row – 2010 through 2017. We are also excited to win the #1 spot in the new category of Video Deposition Production Service. Each year the NYLJ calls on the legal community to select their favorite providers [...]

New Poughkeepsie Office

Diamond Reporting is proud to announce the opening of Poughkeepsie’s Premier Deposition Center. The newly renovated space is across the street from the court house and features video conferencing, TV & café area, and a parking garage. Leave the setup and logistics to the deposition experts, and focus solely on your client and the deposition. [...]

Deposition Questions at a Glance

Depositions can become routine to seasoned litigation attorneys but even for those with decades under their belt, it is always good to have a list of go to deposition questions that will work in any situation. Your goal in a deposition should be to get as much information as possible about and from the witness. [...]