Realtime Reporting

Court reporting is a highly technical, ever-changing field.  That is why Diamond utilizes the most modern, innovative technology, like realtime reporting.

Interactive realtime reporting enables any attorney in attendance at a legal proceeding to connect to the reporter’s writer and have a live view of the transcript as is it being written. Additional benefits include the ability to annotate or highlight any portion the record during testimony. Immediately following the proceeding, attorneys receive a draft of the transcript that includes their annotation and highlights.

Diamond’s realtime service provides persons who are hard-of hearing as well as attorneys participating in the proceeding the advantage of viewing transcripts electronically during, and immediately after, depositions without waiting for the court reporter’s edited version. This allows attorneys to review and search testimony for specific keywords or lines of questioning on the spot without interrupting the proceedings.

Internet text and video streaming provide additional benefits by facilitating a realtime connection via the internet to a remote location and can stream video testimony in step with the text. Participants need not be in the same room as the reporter. This is useful for attorneys who have colleagues monitoring the proceeding remotely or for those who are hearing impaired.