Synchronized Video Transcript

In today’s modern world, we have come to expect multimedia presentations, and attorneys have found them to be essential tools in the courtroom. They have learned that the powers of sight, sound, and motion create lasting impressions on judges, juries and opposing counsel.

One of the easiest most cost-effective ways to produce multimedia presentations for trial is through a synchronized video transcript. Diamond can synchronize video testimony with transcripts of the proceeding. The combined product will appear simultaneously in split-screen and is ideal for presentation at trial. This format allows for advanced built-in editing capabilities, such as clip creation, highlighting, annotations, flagging, etc. and is compatible with PCs, Macs, and stand-alone DVD players.

This tool delivers dramatic results at trial. Video clips can be made in seconds and quickly shown to the jury, making impeachment immediate and effective.

Remote video streaming is also available. Our technology allows anyone worldwide to conveniently receive real-time streaming text and video from your proceeding. This means while you are taking your deposition in New York your colleague can log on from his or her office in Los Angeles to view a live feed of the proceedings

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